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Letztes Update / last update: Dec 06, 2016
Aircraft Type Series c/n s/n Registration Airline Remarks ex Registration
 Airbus A319  -114  1129    5B-DCW  Charlie Airlines  delivery 01dec16 MRV-LCA, VP-reg, Cyprus Airways cs  ex VP-BTO
 Airbus A319  -112  1612    SX-BHN  Olympus Airways  ferried 30nov/03dec16 CRA-ATH-MLA-SSG, Cronos Airlines titl & logo on wet-lease  ex N612MX
 Airbus A319  -111  2332    EI-FMV  Volotea Airlines  delivery 03dec16 SNN-LJU  ex 9H-AEL
 Airbus A319  -132  2940    N892UA  United Airlines  delivery 06dec16 SHE-NRT  ex B-6160
 Airbus A320  -214  4128    D-ABFB  Air Berlin  ferried 03dec16 BCN-WOE, EC-reg prior delivery  ex EC-LSA
 Airbus A320  -232  5539    HA-LYG  Wizz Air  ferried 02dec16 FCO-BUD after paint into paint into Summer Olympics 2024 bidding cs  ex UR-WUC
 Airbus A320  -232  5885    VN-  Jetstar Pacific  ferried 03dec16 EMA-MAD, EC-reg after paint prior delivery  ex EC-LZE
 Airbus A320  -251N  7277    LN-RGM  SAS  for delivery 05dec16 TLS-ARN  ex F-WWDH
 Airbus A320  -214  7308    B-8872  Spring Airlines  delivery 01dec16 TSN-PVG  ex B-000M
 Airbus A320  -251N  7321    TC-NBF  Pegasus Airlines  delivery 06dec16 TLS-SAW  ex F-WWIK
 Airbus A320  -251N  7341    LN-RGN  SAS  delivery 03dec16 XFW-ARN  ex D-AXAK
 Airbus A320  -232  7435    XU-356  Cambodia Angkor Air  delivery 02-03dec16 XFW-GYD-DEL-REP, all white  ex D-AXAY
 Airbus A321  -111  535    SX-ABD  Olympus Airways  ferried 28nov16 BEY-ATH after Lebanon Sky Aviation ops prior wet-lease to Jubba Airways  ex F-GYAN
 Airbus A321  -131  746    N746QQ  Werner Aero Services  to be ferried dec16 TSA-PKC-ANC-GYR for part-out  ex B-22607
 Airbus A321  -212  827    9Q-  CAA Compagnie Africaine d´Avn  ferried 02dec16 SNN-MPL, F-reg for paint prior delivery  ex F-WTDW
 Airbus A321  -211  7281    N314DN  Delta Air Lines  delivery 02dec16 BFM-MSP  ex F-WZMO
 Airbus A321  -231  7443    XA-VLY  Volaris  delivery 06dec16 XFW-KEF-BGR-MEX  ex D-AVXS
 Airbus A330  -202  931    EC-KOM  Air Europa  ferried 06dec16 MAN-MAD after paint into new cs  ex F-WWKU
 Airbus A330  -243CJ  1676    HZ-SKY2  Sky Prime Aviation Services  seen re-regd at BSL 03dec16 prior delivery  ex HZ-AB
 Airbus A330  -343  1749    HZ-AQ19  Saudi Arabian Airlines  delivery 01dec16 TLS-JED  ex F-WWYN
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