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Letztes Update / last update: Aug 20, 2018
Aircraft Type Series c/n s/n Registration Airline Remarks ex Registration
 Airbus A319  -113  660    5N-FNE  FirstNation Airways  ferried 15aug18 LOS-KUN after storage  ex EI-DVU
 Airbus A319  -132  3142    TC-JLR  Turkish Airlines  ferried / in svc 15-16aug18 SAW-IST-KZR-IST after paint into Air Albania cs prior wet-lease from 31aug18  ex SX-OAV
 Airbus A319  -112  3728    D-ABGP  LGW  ferried 15aug18 TXL-KUN prior transfer to Eurowings (or Europe) (+ A320 2591 D-ABNU 16aug18  ex OE-LNC
 Airbus A320  -211  401    D-AIQS  Lufthansa  posn 11aug18 SXF-MUC, Star Alliance cs  ex F-WWBD
 Airbus A320  -232  2097    VT-IHW  IndiGo Airlines  delivery 17aug18 LCA-DEL, OE-reg  ex OE-IAV
 Airbus A320  -232  2502    AP-BMD  Shaheen Air International  ferried 17-18aug18 KHI-KW-MPL on return to lessor ( + 3105 AP-BLM)  ex EI-EXK
 Airbus A320  -214  3422    D-ABDT  Eurowings  posn 17aug18 VIE-DUS after storage  ex HB-IOQ
 Airbus A320  -251N  8107    B-1033  China Eastern  delivery 17aug18 TSN-PVG-SHA  ex B-000N
 Airbus A320  -271N  8255    VT-IVM  IndiGo Airlines  delivery 20aug18 XFW-DEL  ex D-AVVI
 Airbus A320  -251N  8323    A9C-TA  Gulf Air  delivery 18aug18 TLS-BAH  ex F-WWBB
 Airbus A320  -271N  8351    B-300M  Shenzhen Airlines  delivery 15aug18 TSN-SZX  ex B-000U
 Airbus A320  -271N  8383    D-AINL  Lufthansa  delivery 17aug18 XFW-SXF  ex D-AXAU
 Airbus A320  -214  8428    HZ-AS79  Saudi Arabian Airlines  delivery 16aug18 XFW-JED  ex D-AUBI
 Airbus A321  -231  1214    15+04  Luftwaffe  ferried 19aug19 OSR-HAM, D-reg after paint prior delivery  ex D-AISE
 Airbus A321  -272N  8212    JA135A  ANA All Nippon  delivery 14-15aug18 XFW-OVB-HND  ex D-AVXI
 Airbus A321  -271N  8302    VN-A674  VietJetAir  delivery 18-19aug18 XFW-AZI-SGN  ex D-AVYV
 Airbus A321  -251N  8312    OY-PAE  Primera Air  delivery 14aug18 XFW-STN  ex D-AVZS
 Airbus A330  -322  96    9H-AGU  HiFly Malta  ferried 15aug18 MAN-LPBJ after wet-lease to Thomas Cook Airlines  ex EI-FSP
 Airbus A330  -202  511    EI-  Air Italy  ferried 19aug18 DOH-DUB, A7-reg for paint prior delivery  ex A7-ACC
 Airbus A330  -343  989    D-AIKO  Lufthansa  ferried 13aug18 FRA-MAN for paint into new cs, first A333  ex F-WWKJ
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